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  • ! Recover My Files Data Recovery Software  1)   ! Recover My Files Data Recovery Software 3.94
    Data Recovery Software, Recover a Hard Drive, Camera Card, USB, ZIP or other removable media. Recover Deleted Files, Documents, Photos, Video, Music, Email or other Lost Data. Works on FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file-systems. Money Back Guarantee!

  • !Password Guarder  2)   !Password Guarder 2.0
    Highly encrypted databasesSupport of master passwords and key-disksRuns on all Windows operating systems and doesn't need to be installedExport password list to TXT, HTML, XML or CSV filesImport from CSV and CodeWallet(Pro) TXT files

  • #1 Duplicate File Finder  3)   #1 Duplicate File Finder 1.0
    #1 Duplicate File Finder free's up space and speeds up your computer by finding duplicate files on your harddrive. It is an extremely flexible program, and you have the option of setting it to find only certain file types such as MP3, ZIP, AVI etc.

  • 001 Joiner and Splitter Pro  4)   001 Joiner and Splitter Pro 2.0
    001 Joiner and Splitter Pro allows you to join and split files of any size and type. The files created have the extensions of *.001,*.002,*.003, etc. All you have to do is double click the .001 file and the rest will be joined together instantly!

  • 10-Strike Disk-Pile  5)   10-Strike Disk-Pile 1.5
    10-Strike Disk-Pile is designed for maintaining collections of CDs, DVDs and other file resources, generating cool reports and easing up information search on local disks.

  • 12Ghosts 2ndFolder  6)   12Ghosts 2ndFolder 7.10
    Creates copies of complete folder structures. A new destination name is created automatically by adding the date and time. This way you may backup a complete folder easily with just one click, and keep several versions of the same folder.

  • 12Ghosts Replace  7)   12Ghosts Replace 8.11
    Update a range of files, search and replace text in folders and subfolders. Supports wildcards to include or exclude certain file types. The text that is found is presented in a preview window.

  • 12Ghosts Shredder  8)   12Ghosts Shredder 8.10
    Overwrite files, drag and shred, DoD conform, Wipe Disk. Delete even if the file is locked! No trails are left of any compromising or confidential information. Nobody will ever be able to recover the files! A necessary tool for every Windows user.

  • 12Ghosts Zip  9)   12Ghosts Zip 7.10
    Fast compression, compatible with the ZIP industry standard. 12-Zip has Explorer integration, a graphical window to handle files, supporting different compression methods, and features a small executable. Now supports Zip2, up to 20% smaller zips!

  • 2013 OST to PST Converter  10)   2013 OST to PST Converter 7.4
    PDS 2013 OST to PST converter software nicely recover OST file 2013 and convert Outlook OST 2013 to PST directly. This software splendidly convert OST file to PST file 2013 with every email Meta data: to, cc, bcc, from, date time and subject etc.

  • 3Dfm  11)   3Dfm 1.0
    3Dfm displays files and folders in an interactive, 3D display. You can rotate, pan and zoom the view, change folders, easily compare file and folder sizes, quickly search for files based on name, content, or size, view images, etc.

  • A Better Finder Attributes  12)   A Better Finder Attributes 4.6.5
    A Better Finder Attributes allows you to change file and photo dates and times, as well as other usefull file attributes that the Finder won't let you touch.

  • A Better Finder Rename  14)   A Better Finder Rename 7.0.5
    A Better Finder Rename is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which allows users to quickly rename multiple files.

  • A+ File Naming System  15)   A+ File Naming System 1.2.9
    With this software you can easily batch rename MP3 files using embedded ID3 Artist/Album information, or rename hundreds of photos at a time from the unhelpful camera names to names that mean something to you.

  • AB Commander Classic Edition  16)   AB Commander Classic Edition 6.7
    A powerful yet simple to use dual-panel file manager with built-in file splitter, folder synchronizer, image viewer, full-featured text editor and more. Evaluation version is fully functional.

  • AB Commander LITE  17)   AB Commander LITE 3.3
    A simple in use file manager and Explorer replacement with dual-panel user interface, toolbar, command prompt, folder navigation tools, and more. Closely integrated with the Windows user interface, fully supports shell extensions. FREE.

  • AB Commander XP  18)   AB Commander XP 6.7
    A powerful yet simple to use dual-panel file manager with built-in file splitter, folder synchronizer, image viewer, full-featured text editor and more. Evaluation version is fully functional.

  • AB Safe Deletion  19)   AB Safe Deletion 2.08
    A small utility that allows you to delete securily any file with sensitive data. Once the file is deleted, he cannot be recover with any tool. You can erase one or more files or a directory with all the subdirectories and files contained.

  • ABF CD Shell  20)   ABF CD Shell 1.0
    ABF CD Shell is a constructor set for fast creating of different CD, DVD, and other catalogue shells.

  • ABF Favorite Folders  21)   ABF Favorite Folders 1.31
    ABF Favorite Folders is an extremely useful compliment to the Windows Explorer shell. It allows you to easily store, manage and access a list of frequently used folders.

  • Absolute Backup Monitor  22)   Absolute Backup Monitor 1.0
    Absolute Backup Monitor, a new generation of backup system, can automatically protect all your important documents, letters and files from accidents in real time. A free version is available!

  • Absolute Packager  23)   Absolute Packager 1.1
    Before sending your files by email or putting them on the web, make sure to package them properly! Absolute Packager lets you easily package your files into sharp customized self-extracting Zip files.

  • AbsoluteSystemBackup  24)   AbsoluteSystemBackup 1.1
    AbsoluteSystemBackup - is the best professional backup program. AbsoluteSystemBackup presents a backup utility for Windows 9Z/Me/Xp/2000. AbsoluteSystemBackup presents a high-quality program to keep your data at your PC.

  • Ac Browser Plus  25)   Ac Browser Plus 2.4.8
    File Manager for Professionals. Multi Window Interface, viewing and converting images, zip support, adding comments to files and directories. Handy tools, like Quick Search, Editorial Renaming.

  • AccelMan  26)   AccelMan 3.5
    Innovative file manager with great functionality and various customizations. It includes a viewer of 30 graphics formats, MS Office, PDF, HTML, Fonts and other files with editing options; a mediaplayer (32 formats) and much more.

  • Accessor  27)   Accessor 1.7
    Quick access to main Windows functions, folders, documents means review of File System, creation of favourite folders list, access to Control Panel contents, quick termination of programs, process administration, CD-ROM control and many others.

  • AccuSplit  28)   AccuSplit 3.7.1
    Splits large files into smaller segments to allow for easy archival to CD-R, Zip or floppy disks. It uses a cryptographic algorithm to insure data integrity and runs as a stand-alone executable - there is nothing to install. Full help file included.

  • AceCat  29)   AceCat 1.52
    AceCat is a disk cataloging tool that can generate and store catalogs of your disks or directories in an Archive for future off-line searching, browsing and managing, even those disks are not available.

  • Acritum Batch Processor  30)   Acritum Batch Processor 1.00b1
    This program allows you to process thousands of files in various ways, doing difficult checkings, analysis and so on. It is possible to order custom modules to extend the possibilities of the program and make the program do the very thing you need.

  • Acritum Sophisticated Rename  31)   Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.104
    Sophisticated Rename is a powerful program for batch file renaming and other kinds of processing. The program is optimized for working with photo and music files and offers a convenient EXIF editor for JPG/TIF files and an ID3 editor for MP3 files.

  • Acronis Disk Director Server  32)   Acronis Disk Director Server 10
    Acronis Disk Director 10 Server is the powerful solution for partitioning your servers and managing their hard disks. It optimizes server hard disks to ensure trouble-free operation and minimizes the risk of data loss in the event of system crashes.

  • Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0  33)   Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 build 2239
    Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 is the only comprehensive partition and disk management suite that can help you manage partitions, recover accidentally lost or deleted partitions, install multiple operating systems on your computer and even more.

  • Acronis Partition Expert  34)   Acronis Partition Expert 2005
    Acronis Partition Expert is the only disk partitioning software that allows you to automatically or manually resize, copy and move partitions without losing data. Now Acronis Partition Expert is named Acronis Disk Director Suite.

  • Active Folder  35)   Active Folder 1.0
    Add your most visited folders and files to Active Folder's list and get access to them directly on a right click in Explorer, Open/Save dialog, or simply on its systray icon. You can add new items easily, anytime, use alternative names and more.

  • Active NTFS Reader for DOS  36)   Active NTFS Reader for DOS 1.0
    NTFS Reader for DOS previews the files on NTFS and copy them from NTFS to FAT volumes or network drives. NTFS Reader DOS Boot Disk provides read access to NTFS drives from the MS DOS environment.

  • Active UNDELETE  37)   Active UNDELETE 7.5
    UNDELETE Files is a data recovery software designed to recover lost, deleted and formatted data from hard drives, floppy disks, dynamic volumes, hardware or software RAIDs.

  • Acute Softwares Filelist  38)   Acute Softwares Filelist 3.3
    This is a fast file viewer designed for people who use a lot of files at once in different directories, or who want to quickly view the contents of any text, graphics or HTML file. Also views Office documents.

  • AcuteFinder  39)   AcuteFinder 1.3
    AcuteFinder finds duplicate files on your computer. You can then delete or move the files to an archive directory, saving a lot of disk space. Fast and easy way to clean up your disks. Great tool for network administrators. Free trial.

  • AD Search&Replace  40)   AD Search&Replace 1.9.3
    AD Search&Replace will allow you to search for the files containing the line of symbols (with case sensitive or without it), specified by you, on folders tree (also support the network folders) and to replace a required line by another.

  • Adaron Zip Portal  41)   Adaron Zip Portal 1.56
    Adaron Zip Portal, Is the suitable, most powerful, and easiest-to-use archive utility for Windows. The Possibility to work with several archives simultaneously. Good for making the archives or backup. Internal file browser, Drop , Notebook, Favorites

  • Advance OST Recovery  42)   Advance OST Recovery 7.4
    Instant and advance OST recovery solution perfectly repair corrupt OST file and recover data OST file as new PST quickly. Take PDS OST file recovery software to recover OST file PST and open OST as PST data smoothly.

  • Advanced BKF Repair Tool  43)   Advanced BKF Repair Tool 5.7
    Utilize advanced BKF repair tool to repair BKF file after corruption of windows NTbackup utility. Acquire all backup file with BKF recovery tool without altering anything in original file content.

  • Advanced CATaloguer  44)   Advanced CATaloguer 2.3.50
    Software for cataloguing on all kinds of digital media. The main features: powerful search capabilities with file management functions, locate of the double documents - all this without physically accessing the disk;monitor of changes on a hard disk.

  • Advanced CATaloguer Pro  45)   Advanced CATaloguer Pro 2.6
    ACAT Pro is an advanced file cataloging utility. It can be a real lifesaver for anyone who doesn't store data in one place. Why look through each data CD to find a file you need? Use ACAT Pro to catalog its contents. It's 100% FREE to try!

  • Advanced Directory Printer  46)   Advanced Directory Printer 1.78
    Advanced Directory Printer is a Windows based application designed to print or export a list of directories, sudirectories and files.

  • Advanced Disk Catalog  47)   Advanced Disk Catalog 1.51
    A program to catalog all kind of media: floppies, CD-ROMs, ZIP disks etc. Organize your volumes, folders and files into categories; browse inside archives (ZIP, ARJ etc), make searches, automatically extract descriptions from documents and much more.

  • Advanced Encryption Plug-In Pro for Windows Explorer  48)   Advanced Encryption Plug-In Pro for Windows Explorer 4.0.3
    AEPE lets you encrypt/decrypt/shred/make sfx files with using a power of standard Microsoft Windows Explorer's context menu! AEPE integrates into context menu and allows you to work with your important files with single mouse click.

  • Advanced File Organizer  49)   Advanced File Organizer 3.01
    Cataloguer for data collection on CDs, DVDs, network drives etc. You can add searchable comments; sort data by categories using Drag'n'Drop; browse inside archives (ZIP, RAR, ACE); search with different criterions; export data to other formats etc.

  • Advanced File Shredder  50)   Advanced File Shredder 1.16
    Advanced File Shredder securely deletes files or folders on your PC using seven pass US Government standard wiping and cryptographically strong random number key. Files shredded with this eraser software cannot be restored by any data recovery tool.

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